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12/1/16 Journal of Reflection

I was talking to someone on Facebook about the year ending and hoping 2017 is a better year.  But then I thought about December of 2015 and saying “I hope … Continue reading

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Saphris / Latuda journal (week Three)

Even thou I am not on the Saphris right now does not mean I am not logging how I feel on the other two and that my dr might not … Continue reading

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12/17/13 (Journal)

1pm I am really depressed,  I slept from 10pm yesterday till about noon today. So about 14hrs ish. I feel like doing nothing, but I did over eat yesterday. 3 … Continue reading

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My experience with Anti-Psychotic Medications ~ Journal

Hello readers, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read this! This is my journey down the road to “normal” I only hope that this Latuda … Continue reading

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