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Is the struggle worth it?

I made the above picture on facebook from a good quote. I just wish I believed it, believed the struggle meant this or that.  That all this pain and hurt … Continue reading

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Get it out

I can see the letters but I don’t know what the words are. I wish I knew the words to release the pain that my soul feels. The letters run … Continue reading

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When you try to eat to feel something

I bought Sweet~N~Sour Chicken with fried rice with Egg Roll, Plus an extra small shrimp fried rice with Crab Lagoons. I then bought from the dollar store a bag of UTZ … Continue reading

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Why? 10/14/14

I use to be able to say I never ask God why. But that has not been true for some time now. Recently it has been why cant I have … Continue reading

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I am failure, natural history museum style. 11/24/13

How can I be a good father and be ill?

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Assess Adapte Over come. My story, with only one chapter that evolved emotions. That chapter has closed. I just did not realize it till 8:38pm 11/20/2013. ===== 10:08p My mind … Continue reading

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I failed, I burn 11/16/13 (Journal)

To was an not so good day. I am suck in my own head with the only contact from anyone outside of my head was my therapist. God am I … Continue reading

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11/9/2011 11:33pm

Why can’t I apologize to myself? Why can’t I give myself premison to forgive me, to forgive me for all the wrongs I have done to myself? Why can’t I let go of you? Flight … Continue reading

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