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A love you card to lilly.

I bought this card from wal-mart. I think she will like it but IDK. It feels like forever since I seen my daughter Lilly Makar. But as long as she … Continue reading

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Miss you, love you card to my daughter lilly

My mom bought this card from Christian Layman store in Greensburg for me to send to my daughter Lilly Makar one month and this was that month. To see more … Continue reading

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Easter – I Miss and Love you card to Lilly 3.25.18

I sent to my daughter Lilly Makar a Easter miss you card Another holiday, another memory, more seconds of my life spent without Lilly. All stolen by Amanda Makar. For … Continue reading

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Bought lilly a St Paddy’s Day card.

I never knew how many holidays have cards lol. So I was looking for a Easter card for Lily Makar my daughter. I found one but I aslo found a … Continue reading

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This is what I deal with. Texts between me and my ex Amanda Makar 3/16/18

I miss you Lilly.

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Miss you card to Lilly Makar 3/5/18

I am sending Lilly Makar a card I had, in till I get paid and can buy a 2nd one. If you liked this post, please hit that like button. … Continue reading

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I bought Lilly a subscription to national geographic magazine.

Love you Lilly Miss you Lilly Always thinking of you Lilly. So I bought you a subscription to national geographic magazine. I hope it helps and inspires you. Because I … Continue reading

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Amanda Makar thinks I am blackmailing her.

So back story here is when Amanda Makar first told me that I she kept my daughter with her, Lilly Makar was six at the time, I told Amanda I … Continue reading

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Mailed out January’s Miss You & Love you card to Lilly

On January 19th 2018 I mailed Lilly Makar, to her Latrobe Pa home, out a nice card I bought from Wal-Mart. And some stamps. Lilly told me the last time … Continue reading

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Happy New Years Card to my Daughter Lilly (2017)

Nothing really to say here. I just really miss Lilly and wish I could see her. The holidays are the hardest. But I found this Happy New Year card and … Continue reading

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Two Christmas cards to my daughter Lilly (2017)

Well it is that time a year again where people are busy getting read for the holiday. I did my Christmas cards this year on the 9th of December and … Continue reading

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Halloween Card to Lilly 2017

I mailed out, late, my Halloween Card / miss you card to my daughter Lilly Makar. I hope she likes it. I wanted to buy some candy and put the … Continue reading

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Lilly’s miss you card for September 2017.

This month is different. I was able to, with Amanda’s permission,  visit with Lilly on Saturday September 23rd and take her and her grandmother out to dinner. We went to … Continue reading

September 26, 2017 · 2 Comments

Card sent to Lilly returned to me 9/11/17

Today the US postal service brought me back, again, a card I mailed to Lilly.  Her mother Amanda Makar decided not to sign for it or pick it up once … Continue reading

September 11, 2017 · 2 Comments

My attempt to buy Lilly school supplies and cloths (2017)

So it is August 3rd, as I start to right this, and the 2017 school year is about to start back up. The online 2017 /2018 Greater Latrobe school calendar … Continue reading

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Texts between Amanda and myself 7/19 to 8/27 of 2017

So another 30 days and more texts messages to Amanda Makar my daughters Lilly Makar ‘s mother from myself Michael Granata and still she does not respond. Here are my … Continue reading

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Missing you card to my Daughter Lilly Makar

So its August and another month has gone by of my ex, Amanda Makar , not letting me see my daughter Lilly Makar. It has been 14 months now. I … Continue reading

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Texts between Amanda Makar and myself. May to July. 

Texts, from May to Mid July, are between Amanda Makar of Latrobe Pa, which doesn’t respond to text, calls or letters, and myself. The texts are all in the effort … Continue reading

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The real Deadbeat, Amanda Makar

I haven’t been allowed to seen my daughter, Lilly Makar, in over a year because I don’t have the money to go to court. I send Lilly miss you cards … Continue reading

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Glow stick

I found four lonely glow sticks that I bought maybe a year or so ago. I am sure I had a reason. I am sure that reason had to do … Continue reading

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A Birthday card to my Daughter Lilly Makar. 

Today, June 22nd, is my daughter Lilly Makar ‘s birthday. I’m Monday I sent a card to her. I did not send a gift because 1 I am not sure … Continue reading

June 22, 2017 · 2 Comments

Card to Lilly June 2nd

A card I mailed out to Lilly Makar, my daughter, at the beginning of June 2017. &..@.-#–@.-#…@.–**|\/|1|<3**—@–#.@….-#..—-@& For Viewing my blog! Posted By: Michael J Granata Contact: 724-383-6008 (Google Voice) … Continue reading

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5/3/17 – I love you card send out.

I sent out a new I love you / i miss you card today to my daughter, Lilly Makar, in Latrobe, Pa. I do not have enough cash to send … Continue reading

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Card to Amanda Makar asking for visitation 4/7/17

I sent a card today to Amanda Makar asking to take my daughter Lilly Makar to dinner on the 15th. And if she doesn’t respond I will be going out … Continue reading

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Congratulations on a good report card card 4/7/17

I got my daughter, Lilly Makar’s report card the other day and I did text my ex, Amanda Makar several times to see lilly so i could take her out … Continue reading

April 7, 2017 · 2 Comments

Miss you card to my daughter, Lilly Makar (4/1/17)

I sent out today a new Hello Kitty miss you card to my daughter Lilly Makar. I included two Loomis Bros Circus tickets that gets two kids in for free. … Continue reading

April 6, 2017 · 2 Comments

A card to Lilly’s Mother. 4/1/17

I sent out a card to Amanda Makar in Latrobe, Pa because she will not answer my calls or text messages. So incase she changed her number and didn’t tell … Continue reading

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Texts between me and Lilly’s Mother Amanda Makar (March 2017)

I ended up not having a phone because of money issues, because I had to replace the motor in my explorer, I tried using Google voice via hangouts but I … Continue reading

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2/27/17 Card n gift to Lilly

I mailed another miss you / love you card and gift today to my daughter Lilly Makar. The heart balloon hat chocolate at the bottom. It was a leftover half … Continue reading

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Bought Lilly Makar a Valentine’s day card with candy

I went food shopping today at Walmart and got my daughter, Lilly Makar , of Latrobe Pa, a Hello Kitty Valentine’s day card. shown below, and some Chocolates. and the … Continue reading

February 14, 2017 · 2 Comments

1/25/17 I love you & miss you card for Lilly

I bought and shipping out a new card for my daughter Lilly Makar today. I sent it Certified Mail so that I can prove that it arrived and who signed … Continue reading

January 25, 2017 · 2 Comments

Mailed out Lilly’s Christmas Gifts

I mailed out my daughters Lilly Makar Christmas gifts. I left bad bacuse it took me to the 11th of Janauray 2017 to mail them out because I could not … Continue reading

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December 2016, texting to try to see my daughter, Lilly, for Christmas.

What more can I say then these are the texts that I sent out to try to see my daughter Lilly Makar to her mother Amanda Makar from Latrobe Pa … Continue reading

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Two Christmas, Love You, Miss You Cards for Lilly (2016)

On Monday I mailed out Two Christmas cards to my daughter Lilly Makar, alone with my other Christmas cards. The reason I mailed out two of the same card is … Continue reading

December 14, 2016 · 2 Comments

New Love / Miss you Card for Lilly

I sent my daughter Lilly Makar a new I love you and miss you card. It was mailed on December 8th 2016. I do not know if Lilly is getting … Continue reading

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A Thanksgiving card for Lilly (2016)

Another holiday will pass without being able to talk to or see my daughter Lilly Makar . And I miss her so much! I never really did not do anything … Continue reading

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Text between Amanda Makar and Michael Granata about Lilly Makar. 9/6/16 to 11/11/16

These are text to my ex, Amanda Makar of Latrobe, to talk to or see my daughter, Lilly Makar, from me Michael Granata. Amanda Makar will not even respond now. … Continue reading

November 20, 2016 · 2 Comments

Journal (Numb) 11/17/2016

“The way I see it, every life is a pile of good things and bad things. The good things don’t always soften the bad things, but vice versa, the bad … Continue reading

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A Halloween card for Lilly (2016)

I seen that Walmart had Halloween cards. I never even known that card companies even made cards for Halloween. So I bought one for my daughter Lilly Makar. God do … Continue reading

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A new video to my daughter Lilly Makar 9/10/16

I make these videos so my daughter Lilly MaKar can hear my voice one day and know not just by text but by voice how much I miss her. &..@.-#–@.-#…@.–**|\/|1|<3**—@–#.@….-#..—-@& … Continue reading

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10/9/2016 A new I miss you Lilly Card

I bought a new miss you card, wrote in it and decorated it in minions for Lilly Makar. I keep fooling myself that she gets them Will be mailed out … Continue reading

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9/21/16 A new I miss you card

I have all but ran out of hope that these cards are reaching Lilly.  That her Mother Amanda Makar and her Grandmother Lori Bauer are throwing them away before Lilly … Continue reading

September 21, 2016 · 2 Comments

Went shopping :( – Journal 9/19/2016

My word of the day is Sad… My case manager went shopping with me today. She meet me at Wal-Mart and I got what I could.  But let me tell … Continue reading

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Why do Dad’s have to try so hard to get what mom’s get automatically?

I had to have my attorney write and letter to my daughter’s, Lilly Makar, school so I can get information, because her mother Amanda Makar not willing to talk to … Continue reading

September 19, 2016 · 2 Comments

Text between Amanda Makar and Michael Granata about Lilly Makar. 8/19/16 to 9/10/16

Texts between Lilly Makar ’s Mother Amanda Makar of Latrobe, Pa and myself Michael Granata of New Stanton, Pa, These texts are from the last 30 days 8/19/16 to 9/10/16. … Continue reading

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I seen my Doctor today – Journal 9/9/2016

At 9:30am I seen my psych-doctor from Chestnut Ridge today.  I have now been changed from the Doctor on the TV to a new one which I like. Something about telemedicine … Continue reading

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Happy Labor day lilly – video

I haven’t seen my daughter since June 2016 because my ex Amanda Makar will not let me come and see her at her house in Latrobe, let me have Lilly … Continue reading

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The System is letting Lilly Makar Down

How do the lies of bad parents like Amanda Makar get believed by Child Protection Agencies? My daughter Lilly Makar tells her teachers at Greater Latrobe School District, she tells … Continue reading

September 5, 2016 · 2 Comments

texts between Amanda Makar and Michael Granata about Lilly Makar from early mid 2016,

Texts between Me and Lilly Makar’s Mother Amanda Makar and myself Michael Granata from early mid 2016. these have not been edited in any way. &..@.-#–@.-#…@.–**|\/|1|<3**—@–#.@….-#..—-@& For Viewing my blog! … Continue reading

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The date was January 19th

The date was January 19th 2013, 4 days after my birthday,  and that was the first day I meet my daughter Lilly Makar. But back to that later. Amanda Makar … Continue reading

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Other Cards I have mailed to Lilly

I miss Lilly and try to show it by sending card to say hey baby girl I miss you more then anything in the worl. But I don’t know if … Continue reading

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Amanda Makar – Read This

Dear Amanda Makar Please feel free to try to use any thing on this site against me.  Because unlike you I don’t hide who I am from the world. I … Continue reading

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Lori Bauer telling Michael Granata that he will never see Lilly Makar (Daughter) again.

This is a video recording of a voicemail left by Lori Bauer for Michael Granata (Me) on my cell phone number.  The sum of the message is that she will … Continue reading

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Lilly’s 10th Birthday

I was able after not seeing my daughter, Lilly Makar , to get her so that I could throw her a birthday party. I worked my ass off so that … Continue reading

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PyroFest 2016

Pyrofest 2016 was a blast!!!!!! PyroFest is an affordable community event to promote & celebrate the international art of Pyrotechnics through innovative & unique presentations. This year, PyroFest is sure … Continue reading

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Shrine Circus @ Console Energy Center Weekend

I took Lilly Makar, Clyde & Shelly to the shrine circus @ console energy center on the 10th. We all had a blast and I spend tons of cash on … Continue reading

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Christmas at dad’s house (2015)

Videos of my daughter, Lilly Makar, opening her Christmas Gifts.  We celebrated Christmas at my house on the 19th because I will not be able to see her again till … Continue reading

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Christmas Light up Celebration

Clinton’s Christmas Light up Celebration in Clinton, Pa Cost: $10.00 per car Open: 5p to 10p Nightly A one mile drive through light display that was well worth the cost of 10 … Continue reading

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My trip to Shadrack’s Christmas Wonderland

Coast 25.oo per car. Me and my daughter, Lilly,  wanted to go see Christmas lights. I google the subject and found a new one opening up in my area just … Continue reading

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Johnstown Incline Trip

Address: 711 Edgehill Dr, Johnstown, PA 15905 Lilly Makar, Emma, Bonnie and Myself (Michael Granata ) started out going to a park that the name escapes me, but the park … Continue reading

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Lilly Makar Recording a Message for me (2)

This was a recording my daughter Lilly made for me on the tablet I bought her. She did this on 01 26 2014. Posted By: Michael Granata

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Lilly Recording a Message for me(1)

Lilly Makar, my daughter Recording a Message for me her dad Micahel Granata.

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Making cookies with my daughter. (12/22/13)

She had fun sprinkling them, they where from a bag. I can’t see messi g up by trying to do them from scratch when a bag is like 1.88 each … Continue reading

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12/14/13 (journal)

9:30a At eat n park after picking up my daughter. I feel that med high feeling but i am pushing through it. ******** 9:50a So my daughter just starts crying … Continue reading

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Building shelves with my daughter 6.9.13

The 2nd shelve went up. Yes I am using repurposed wood from shelves I had in my office. Two close up shots of the three shelves. Still need to get … Continue reading

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Texts between Me and Lilly Makar’s Mother Amanda Makar (May 17th to MAy 25th 2013)

Texts between Me and Lilly Makar’s Mother Amanda Makar (May 17th to MAy 25th 2013) My hope is that one day Lilly reads this and sees the day to day … Continue reading

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Texts between Me and Lilly Makar’s Mother Amanda Makar (April 23rd to May 17th 2013)

Texts between Me and Lilly Makar’s Mother Amanda Makar (April 23rd to May 17th 2013) My hope is that one day Lilly reads this and sees the day to day … Continue reading

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Texts between Me and Lilly Makar’s Mother Amanda Makar (April 15th to April 23rd 2013)

Texts between Me and Lilly Makar’s Mother Amanda Makar (April 15th to April 23rd 2013) My hope is that one day Lilly reads this and sees the day to day … Continue reading

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Texts between Me Lilly Makar’s Mother Amanda Makar (March 9th 2013 to April 15th)

Texts between Me and Lilly Makar’s Mother Amanda Makar (March 9th 2013 to April 15th) My hope is that one day Lilly reads this and sees the day to day … Continue reading

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My struggle To Be Part Of My Daughter, Lilly Makar ‘s, Life

>Last updated 3/16/2018 …. Its been 2 days since I last seen Lilly …. 1.75 hours spent with Lilly in 2018< This page was started to as a place for … Continue reading

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lilly’s Christmas 2013

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