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My return to Chestnut Ridge Counseling

So I finally got fed up the Family Behavioral Resources  and the 305. So I went in today, January 23rd 2018, for my intake appointment with Chestnut Ridge Counseling in … Continue reading

January 23, 2018 · 1 Comment

305 hearing today

Today, September 19th 2017 I had my 305 review hearing. The judge reissued it for another 6 months. I am depressed about this.   &..@.-#–@.-#…@.–**|\/|1|<3**—@–#.@….-#..—-@& For Viewing my blog! Posted … Continue reading

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Certification by court order that I am severely mentally ill

  MY Certification that I am mentally ill came in today. What more can I say, I am crazy / mentally ill  and in need of help that Chest Nut … Continue reading

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The letter to my Doctor from my Therapist. Sept 1 2016

I seen my Therapist Sarah Benson today at her office in North Versailles. Despite our difference in opinion I still think she is the best in the greater area and … Continue reading

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Don’t Let Anxiety Interrupt Your Progress

Procrastination and Panic Disorder Procrastination can be a common problem for many people with anxiety-related conditions, including panic disorder. There are numerous symptoms of panic disorder and common anxious personality … Continue reading

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Calling Yourself Fat Increases Depression Risk

Making negative statements about your body, such as “I’m so fat,” and “I need to work out more,” may be deleterious to your body image and mental health, a new … Continue reading

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Service Dogs for Bipolar Disorder

By  Marcia Purse, About.com Guide Can those with psychiatric disorders such as bipolar disorder or depression benefit from interaction with animals? The answer is a resounding, “YES!” “There are an increasing number … Continue reading

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