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14237490_1673537959561569_5504008676095404738_nPlease note that a lot of what I want to do on this site is a work in progress………  2.25.2018

Thanks for understanding 🙂

My name is Michael J Granata, and I made this site to show the world my daily struggle with mental health, also the struggle staying in my daughter, Lilly Makar ‘s, life.

It also functions as my Journal. Those posts are listed in the heading with – Journal and date. I have to say that I am real and I am broken.

I hear voices, see people that are not there and have major depressive episodes. I get paranoid at times and am in treatment for all of these and more. So you will see me write about my doctors and how much they make me mad sometimes.

You will also see the stupid side of me like when I bought a light house and mounted it to a light in my office or something I do with friends. Because this is Mike, and I am real.

Some things I will be posting, other then Minion pictures:

  • My struggle with mental illness started when I was young enough to not be in school. But at that age it was just an not so imaginary cat named Fred.  And it has been a day to day thing ever since. And my mental state is something my ex Amanda Makar uses against me now.
  • Which leads me to  my struggle with my daughter, Learn more here, started when I found out she was not put up for adoption by my ex.
  • I will be adding things this site about my 12v / solar / wind projects, more here. I am currently working on taking my entire office off the grid like the one I had at my old place.
  • Along with the Mental issues I have battled with my weight all my life. I have been at normal to extremely obese and back.
  • Also because of my Mental issues I have had many run in with the law. The last being in 2005 because I ran across someone that took the time to see I needed help.

** We are all so complained and hidden that when you read a real out of my head words it may set you back. **


Not Panda

Random Things About me:

  1. I am 37 years old as of updating this in 2018.
  2. I am on disability. I do my best to work and hold my own but I slip and fall often. Mostly because I have a mental illness that I was born with that cause me to among other things have cycles of good and bad. I am working on coming up with seeing the bad coming and thus keeping it from happening. This has been the ch angled of my life since 2010 when I decided I wanted to be able to support myself.
  3. I love Minions
  4. I live in Pennsylvania and am okay with where I live.
  5. I think Bigfoot is a person or race of people that are from the center of the earth and thus need to be that hairy. They are also more advanced/ older, maybe the first people, and as such they have clocking technology. And this helps them stay unseen.
  6. My political views are libertarian. Small federal, larger local government.  With more local people helping local people.
  7. My nicknames are
    • Ekim. And I accidentally gave it to myself.
    • Red Shoes. Given to me by my best female friend Bonnie.
  8. I own two cats named
    • “Panda Bear-Cat” I got her from an ex friend that found her pregnant and starving outside.
    • “Baby Blaze” is here to keep Panda happy. Panda was getting lonely being home alone while I work.
    • I did not name the either cat :{
  9. I like being in the woods but hate leaving my house.
  10. I believe in the Paranormal.
    • Aliens
    • Mothman
    • Bigfoot
    • Ghosts, spirits and huntings
    • other such things.
  11. I have struggled with my weight all my life, currently I am 442 pounds.
  12. I play PetCity on Facebook.
  13. I am a big believer in Solar power (see my projects here)
  14. Super Troopers is my favorite money with lots of memories attached. Trailer here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MPhWl_S8ies
  15. I believe in Deism
  16. I was haxing back in the 90’s and early 2000’s.
  17. Green is my favorite color.
  18. Philip K. Dick is my favorite writer with Stephen King coming in 2nd. Almost everyone has seen a move based off of Philip K. Dick.
  19. My favored flavor of Ice Cream is Strawberry.
  20. I am a Whovian and have seen every episode, both the classic (1 to 8) and new series (9 on).
  21. My Life Path Number is 8

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