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The story of I.memory is a store of good ideas gone wrong in so many ways yet right in one big big way.

What is I? What is memory? Well the 2nd is easy, right, it is something that someone remembers like a file on a computer. A thing that you can recall. But what do you really recall?

Yeah about you, not much but the important things right. What are the important memories? Why are they? But that aside what are important memories? More important who will remember them?

See all your important memories are just noise in the system that don’t get passed down. We know that fire is hot because the teacher did a good job of cementing in that memory. Because she/he learned that same thing and didn’t want you to die in a fire. But can you recall your great-grandmothers favorite color or her job if she had one? Most likely no.

There was a man. Not a good man nor a bad man. Just the Joe the works down the block. Intill he heard that the last of the living war heroes had cancer and was going to die. Then he had the thought “there goes a lot of knowledge” And his friend said to bad we could record them before they go. Which is what they started to do.


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