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Places I applied for Employment

My WCSI Case manager, therapist and most recently the hearing officer at my mental health hearing keep asking where I applied for work. And to be honest I can never remember when or where. So I am starting this to keep track of that.


I search these sites

——————– 2019 ————————–


  • Indeed, Delivery Driver, Henschel And Sons Exhaust Warehouse – Mount Pleasant


  • Indeed, Courier, Dicom Transportation Group, Greensburg, PA


——————– 2018 ————————–


  • Craigslist, Delivery/ Driver, Greensburg Pa


  • Indeed, Delivery Route Driver, Scott Courier Services, Plum PA


  • Indeed, CPR Certified Driver, Lower Valley Ambulance Service, Cheswick PA
  • Indeed, Part-time delivery driver, Westmoreland County Blind Association, Greensburg Pa


  • Indeed, Courier Driver, Highlands Hospital, Connellsville


  • Indeed, Xpedited, delivery drivers, Mt Pleasant, PA


  • Indeed, Scott Courier Services, Courier, Johnstown, PA


  • Indeed, Model Cleaners, Route Delivery Driver, Charleroi, PA


  • Indeed, Yaroch Counseling, Part time driver, Greensburg
  • Indeed, MFG Factory Special Lite Products LLCDelivery Driver & Misc, Loyalhanna Pa
  • Indeed, People Ready, Box Truck Driver,  Greensburg Pa
  • Indeed, Route Driver, Altaquip, Youndwood Pa
    • Your application for Route Driver at Altaquip was viewed by the employer.


  • Job Fair, to see National Express.


  • Indeed, Paratransit, National Express Transit, Greensburg Pa, Bus Driver,


  • Indeed, Driver, DSB Transport, Connellsville, PA, On-call Minivan


  • Indeed, Murrysville Cleaners, Murrysville Pa, Route Manager/Driver


  • Indeed, American Transportation Management, Jeannette, Courier


  • Indeed, Westmoreland County Blind Association, Greensburg, Driver


——————– 2017 ————————–



  • Cragslist, Unknown, GreenTree, Driver


  • Indeed, Kenny Ross Chevrolet, Irwin, Delivery
  • Indeed, Toyota, Greensburg, Driver


  • Indeed, MedCare Equipment Co, Greensburg, Delivery Tech


  • Indeed, American Transportation Management, Irwin, Courier

11/16  Left AMC due to doctor order to stop working. I dislike my doctor.


  • Indeed, A Better Choice Cleaning, Charleroi, Cleaning
    • Interviewed on 11/14
  • Indeed, Central Maintenance, Export, cleaning
  • Indeed, Three Rivers Orthopaedics, Latrobe, Currier
    • Interviewed on 11/15


  • Facebook, real estate company, West Newton, Hanging signs
  • Snagajob, Cracker Barrel, New Stanton, Night Maintenance


  • Indeed, Gregg Staffing Solutions, New Stanton, Security
  • Indeed, Central Maintenance, Jeannette, Cleaning
    • Indeed said “Your application was viewed by the employer”. 11/3
  • Craigslist, Part time cleaner, Scottsdale, Cleaning


  • Indeed, A.D.& Co. Cleaning, Monongahela, Cleaning
  • Indeed, Zion’s Lutheran Church, Greensburg, Cleaning
    • Indeed said “Your application was viewed by the employer”. 10/31
  • Indeed, Nationwide cleaning service, Murrysville, Cleaning


  • Indeed, George DeLallo, New Stanton, Security Guard
    • Received email saying “We have reviewed your work experience and qualifications and find that we do not have an appropriate position for you at this time. ” on 10/30/17
  • Indeed, Armmark, Greensbrugh, , Janitor/cleaning
    • Got a call back on 11/17/17
  • Their site, HMSHost, New Stanton, utility person
  • Indeed, Empire Transport, Wilmerding, Drive


  • Glassdoor, Excela Health, Greensburg, Delivery Tech
  • Indeed, STORExpress, Export, Janitor Light Maintenance


  • Indeed, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Delmont, Delivery Driver
    • Got email saying hiring lady is out of office till next week (10/13/17)
    • 10/17/17 Will not hire me because I got two tickets with my accident in September 2016 and can’t have more then one in three years. Even thou I drove 100,000 plus miles with only one problem.


  • Indeed, Property Maintenance Service, Charleroi, Sweeper Truck Operator


  • Indeed, Oakbrook Fundraising, Latrobe, Driver
  • Pa Job gateway, Unknown, Export, Machine Operator
  • Indeed, Hallcon Corporation, Newell, Road Driver


  • Indeed, Yaroch Counseling, Greensburg, Part time driver
    • Call back about app 11/26/17
  • Craigslist, Bloomin Genius Flowers, Greensburg, driver
    • Interview on 9/27/17 @ 3:30pm

9/21 Got Hired at AMC on 9/21/17 but still would like to find something in the transportation area. So I will look for and apply for that kind of job. Why AMC is part time, does not offer any benefits, holiday pay, sick days, or overtime. Yeah they are exempt for paying it under the law.


  • Indeed, Planet Fitness, Greensburg, Night Cleaner
  • Indeed, Omex, North Huntington, Janitorial
    • After several emails on 9/21 we determent that for the 3 hours a night going to North Huntington was doable but will keep in mind for closer jobs.
  • Facebook, AMC Theaters, Greensburg, Night Janitorial
    • Interviewed 9/21 @ 1:30pm


  • Craigslist, Executive Management Ser, Greensburg, Cleaner
    • Got a call back 9/21, explained about background waiting for a call back.


  • website, Parana Bread, Greensburg, Night Baker
    • Got email saying I didn’t get job 9/20


  • Indeed, St Ann’s Home, Greensburg, Night Housekeeper
    • Call from them on 9/13, interviewed on 9/18.


  • Toys R Us, Greensburg, night stock
  • Indeed, Cracker Barrel, New Stanton, Night Maintenance


  • Indeed, Law Office, Greensburg, File Clerk/Runner


  • Craigslist, Empire Transport, Connellsville, Transporter
    • Interviewed 9/2, did background check 9/2


  • Craigslist Ad, New Stanton, To wash & fuel trucks


  • Craigslist, Pace analytical, Greensburg, Currier
    • Interviewed 7/19, Got letter saying I didn’t get it.


  • Word of mouth, Comfort Inn, New Stanton, Cleaner


  • Craigslist, Ritto’s Bar, Greensburgh, Night Cleaner
    • Interview 7/5


  • Craigslist, CAS Services, Irwin, Night Cleaner
    • Interviewed 6/20

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