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(412) 430-0644 Scam Alert

Sorry this took so long it is freezing in my house. It is currently 58 degrees.


Number they called me from (412) 430-0644, (412) 430-0775

Other Numbers: 201-499-7970, 202-618-4930, 205-985-9488, 228-475-2701, 248-569-7780, 304-453-2433, 310-532-7257, 312-470-6174, 312-985-0530, 313-879-4340, 501-350-3451, 503-855-1702, 504-585-7346, 505-206-5185, 507-625-1789, 601-366-6408, 713-535-9062, 719-423-0218, 770-231-3613, 800-252-1099, 800-604-0064, 800-771-5361, 818-396-8752, 832-460-1525, 904-247-5500, 904-247-0660, 910-680-0937, 913-384-2345, 919-794-3001, 980-613-4468, 985-649-4871, 754 400 5200. 412-430-0644, 412-430-0775

indexAs you can see they use a number masker to try to hide who they are, why would they need to do that if they where legal?

number on Google

(800) 771-5361

Name: Diversified Consultants or DCI Collect

Address: 10550 Deerwood Park Blvd #309, Jacksonville, FL 32256

business type: Collections agency

They are a scam group that will say you owe money on something because your name sounds alike or you lived in and address there someone default on a debt. Do no believe them, they will not take you to court.

They buy old junk debt that is no longer able to be prosecuted in court and will threaten you and try to scare you into paying them. They are like thugs with credit card machines.

I had an uncial with the same expect name as me and they are trig to collect a debt from before I was even 18teen years old and able to have debt.


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