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The Story of Mike, My Fight For Lilly & My Defective Mind.

The date was January 19th

The date was January 19th 2013, 4 days after my birthday,  and that was the first day I meet my daughter Lilly Makar.

But back to that later. Amanda Makar sent me a message on a dating web site on September 28th 2012 asking to talk to me. I almost did not respond because she looks so fugly. But I wanted to up my responding average.



So after some back and forth, and a few phone talks with lilly I was about to meet her and take her shopping.  Should have been a red flag that Amanda Makar wanted my first outing with lilly shopping. So we went to Kmart in Latrobe. I bought her some cloths and paid for a ride on the marry

go round.

IMG_20130202_155028_506 01-19-2013 2013-01-19_14-24-05_230 2013-01-19_14-24-33_921 2013-01-19_14-25-04_74 2013-01-19_14-25-40_277 2013-01-19_14-25-42_483 2013-01-19_14-26-23_524 2013-01-19_15-58-34_162
















Lilly I love you and Miss you soooo Much



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