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Wellbutrin XL / Latuda journal (week One)

2:14am – Feeling not so tired / down. Did a lot this weekend with my daughter and a friend and her kid.
– so only three days into taking the antidepressant. I feel less sad, less down. All the thoughts are still there. All the doubts are still here too. I dont kbow what to do to be honest.

3:25am – dont feel as tired as I usually do about this time in my work day. Hopefully this keeps up. I am also hoping that my attitude becomes more positive with the pill and the affirmations I am doing.


5:08am – Did want to get out of bed. Even tried to call off. Didnt sleep well at all yesterday trying to move to this day thing.



6:09pm – up to help a friend after long day of work. I get guess I have no excuse not to go to this depression group.



2:52am – Not tired, not sad but not really happy either. Have engery to do things and did feel like comming to work.
– tried to even go to a group today and there was no group there. I dont know how I feel. Kinda glad but disappointed at the same time.



1:56pm – Other then what I think is normal notvwanting to work I feel here ish. I woke up easier then I have been but I slept all day. Tomorrow / today I have a group I would like to try to get to but dont know if I will get enought sleep too. But I meet with my therapist twice this week.



2:46am – have not slept in a day and a half. But I did go to the depression group tonight. It was not as bad as I thought.

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