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My experience with Latuda / Clozaril (12/15/2013 to 1/1/14)

I am now on both Latuda (40mg) and Clozaril (100mg) both taken at night before bed. Well I take them both about two hours before bed.

Only down side I can feel are:

  • doped up feeling (should pass with time)
  • Hard to swallow
  • drooling at night
  • Shaky hands

My voices are at a lower volume, and my thoughts are slower.

***The hard to swallow thing sucks the worse. Dry foods seem to want to get stuck in my throat.


12/17/13  5:40p

So the making me slepp 14 hours thing is hitting me pretty hard. I am trying to take both pills at dinner hoping I can wake up easier at 9:30am. The drooling thing has not gone away. I is kind of embarrassing to think about.
The hard to swallow is still the same I am just eating softer or moister foods.
Something new i noticed and add above is that my hands have gotten shaky. It is kind of sucks when I was pouring water into my bottle today.

12/18/13 12:46pm

Still feeling drained like tired. Still having swallowing issues. Still feel depressed.

12/22/13 3:35pm
Feeling depreased or down. Still drooling at night. And it may not be becausethe meds but I am drinking more or am thirsty more. I am also still finding it hard to swallow dry food.

12/27/13 6:40p

Drooling and dry throat are the only real complaint I have. Other then the weekly blood work lol.

I am strating to think that the aching joints are a side effect of the clozaril.

I still have the drooling at night when I sleep, and the hard to swallow when eating dry foods. So I end up drinking more.



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