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12/28/2013 (Journal)

Trying to not eat the day away. Doing some what okayish. But that might be becauee I slept till 12:30pm.

I might go for a walk later.

Did about 51 minutes of walking becuqse it was 50ish degrees outside.
And now going to try to not over eat the sweet and sour (vegetarian) chicken with veggie egg rolls I am making for dinner. I guess so far I should be happy that even if I ate to much nothing was junk food.

I had two small slices of pizza, two bananas, a apple chesse pretzel thing from sheets and not the dinner I cooked. So I guess I really didn’t do bad.


So totally turned a half good day bad.



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This entry was posted on December 28, 2013 by in Journal.
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