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12/19/2013 (journal)

Got up on time to find that my temp roomates crackheaded boyfriend ate my breakfast and lunch. Did force him into giving me five bucks. So bad thing numbet 1, and now I am meeting with stacy for the last time so that is bad thing number 2.

I am just hoping that my bad thing are not happening in threes today.

I also because being pissed this am about my food forgot my 2nd from of Id so I can’t apply at labor ready today. What a bad start to what should have been a good day.

So ate 3 cookies for breakfast, lunch I will try better.


Not bloging anymore today.


So not bloging my stuff maybe unhealthy. But on the flip side of that coin I can’t just openly say what I want to say because people are watching.

This just is not a good day for me. And it is not good on a bunch of fronts.

But mindfulness says I need to only deal with one front at a time. So I am dealing with the gazillion of people I have to be around. Once thay is over seening my daighter. I am taking here to dinner after her Christmas play, then to get snacks for her Christmas party tomorrow. Then I have to replace front brakes on my car.

So not dealing with anything but that today. Stuffing everything else.

*I did speak to my former boss (kelly) today, I am not sure if I nelieve her. I can’t help but believe she will do anything and everything to sell me out to save the company even one dollar.


Funny how they used this againts me “to help me” yet all they did was fuck me in the end. I hace no one to talk and no where to juronal either.

Watching your life fall a part is not something that keeps you sane. Focus ing on only one thing and being mindful dose not help either. If had someone to pay my bills then maybe it would work.

Well suprise i feel off the food wagon. Ate to much and feel worse. Life is not at its lowest but it feels like it. They say smile and you will feel better. I just don’t know honestly how to smile or be happy.



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