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12/13/13 (Journal)


Slept in then forgot my wallet. Now therapist time.

The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.
— Michael Althsuler


Seen my therapist, she wants me to start dbt, I think its called, therapy. I think again lol I remember this from before. She says I have core abandonment issues. I can kind of see this being no one ever stays. Maybe that’s the part of me that makes me think ot is me. Still believe that it is, math does not lie.

Also drove about 50 miles to pick up my cousins grilfreind number 2 from the hospital. Currently waiting for her to come out.


I am sitting outside my grandfathers house because that is where my cousin girlfriend number 2, now will be called Tarh, wanted to see my cousin. Last time I was here my grandfather ignored my daughter for my cousins son. Both are his grandchild.
That is the day I said screw him, I am done tring to be family person. Because my family does not care so I am not going to care for them.
Yeah I know extreme black or white.
Makes me think right now about the core abandonedment stuff my therapist was talking about.
The people in my head are going nuts, they are basically saying your abandoned because you are not worth anything. I seem to not be able to disagree with them.


Sitting outside of tarh’s house because I offered for her to spend some time sleeping on my coach. Every where else offer her so much stress and after a stay in the hospital you don’t need that. Not over thrilled but there has to be a reason for everything and if nothing else this will maybe buy me some good karama. I need as much of that as possible. I also need to get thinfs done so maybe she can help with that. Lol.

I am tring to make meatless beef stroganoff and going to blog that adventure some time tonight.


No negitve coping skills used thus far out of the hospital. I did need to invite someone over for the weekend.

But I do have all my candles light around my place.

Okay so you can not see the candles as well as I wanted but it took forever to get a good shot so I am putting it up anyway.

Meds should kick in soon and off to dream town.


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