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12/4/13 (updated)(triggering)

Worried about money, the driving job is not enought alone. I don’t know if I shpuld walk in and quite or just make them fire me.

And I hate this season anyway. I hate December. Maybe this will be the one I go on shotting spree.

Thoughts raceing, I really don’t know when or where to or who to turn to. It seems that all angles are being viewed sideways.

I am going to burn, I have to burn. Light er up boys’

So how is an alcoholic spouse to unberstnad about voices in my head that keeome pissed off and wantto burn. I am soooooo pisted at comcat right now. My mood has gone from numb to mad in 0 seconds

Wantto burnbut my cousin and his girlfreid is here. How dose heget two and someone that treats women good can’t get one lol.

Well some to lowes and walmartto get supplies. I letthem stay last night but not sure about tonigh. And I have to betoworkby 9 am too.

5:55 pm

Seen therpist
Seen case mangqer.
Made case manger understand somethings.
Lost freined.
Now iam daul disognse.
Like sucks.


You say i have choices, bu when your broken people make them all for you. .
I have any choices just a which way do I bend.

Ibend this was
Whichon that localtion is not happening I need to hide it better, ineed to con everyone I to thinkin I am okay. I need to get off wcsi and away from people. I need to do my own thing.

I have compainy and idont care I am burning. Fuck it I need the numb for today.


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