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Today is not a good day. Today is wores then I thought it would be.


Still thinking about stacy, which should not be reading this, I have numb but honestly wanded to water up when I seen her pull out. But I bought her a parting gidt and was able to say bye. The lol was she did me like I did Lauren with the see you around instead of bye.


Can’t seem to get the sight of crying out of my head. I am with people and can not do what I want.

I lost a ture friend today.I did not think they existed like the unicorn. I hurts so bad I even toldthe therpisttoday that I was hurting.

I tried over eating and spent 20 bucks at burger king. I went high to my therpist. I have image

Not a thing seems to take this hurting away.I wishfor numb. I wish for hospitaliz so I can be pumped full of I don’t care meds. I just wish itdont hurt her so bad I had to say lets stop being friends.

What is so wrong with me that being my freind hurts people. I say with a tear in my eye.

I have a list of people that come and go. I should stop caring because
that is it. They come say they will not go then go. End story till I die.


I am seeing my liferuined one thing at a time. Some I do some I don’t. I see homeless in my future. I see more pain. I see hate.


Keeping busy worked so far but the s will be burned I just know it. I dryed walll more despite my cousin insulting my work

Done with all my work. Only have to take shower and maybe bed.


I have not heard a hello, or hey via text or my phone has not rang since last it was her. It is funny in two weeks or so you can forget how alone you are. But as luck would have it I do better on my own 😦 yes that is meamtto be a 😦


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This entry was posted on December 2, 2013 by in Journal.
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