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My Solar and 12v Project From my (old place) (up to 7/13)

I am moving this from a page to a post.  Updated with just this text 11/30/2-13

I am trying to convert my office and CCTV to run off of 12v (wish I new that 24v was better when I started) and be total off grid  I have nothing but the net and a few yahoo groups to teach me so I am making mistakes left and right.  Yes there are how tos out there that coast you cash but I am hard headed and think that all the info I need is out there for free. My goals for this project.

  • be total off grid.
  • Don’t lose or sacrifice anything that I want my office to do
  • try to make it as low coat as possible
  • use solar and maybe wind and any other off grid power I can.
  • battery bank large enough to run everything for 5 days without charging

My plan is having solar / wind / other power sources with battery bank large enough to run everything for 5 days without charging.  I hopefully will be able to expand out to other area of my house as time goes on Pictures posted as I go along.

Info & Pictures Update 11/12/2011

I bought so new batteries since I last updated, two 12v 55ah, three 12v 75ah.  And I also bought 1 of 3 12v 60watt solar panels.  I hope to have all three solar panels up but February 2011.  At that point I would be able to put out at peak 220 plus watts. I have made a few other changes in my office also to lower my power usage, because the fact is the the less you use the less you need.

I went from two pcs total of 650 watt power ~ to one pc with a 240 watt power supply and a stand alone CCTV DVR winch only uses 40 watts.

I still have five moitors but only use two for the regaular pc usage, one is now my tv, and the other two for the CCTV.

I have also added two Cobra 400wtt DC to Ac units to power things I can’t with straight 12v. I also have bought a 12v generator to hook up to my exercise bike.

Will post more pic of this and maybe a video when done. I have also added a mini frige that I will sone be powering with one of the Cobra 400wtt DC to Ac units.

Picture Update 2/27/2012

Update 5/20/2012

after seeing what my panels put out by hr I am trying to rearrange them to get a more long production out of them and that will mean placing them in three different spots.

The pictures are of my testing what times they put out what watts.  Its hard when your in an apartment with no access to the roof to be off grid and I don’t think I will ever be as off grid as I like here in my apartment.

Here is a shot of the back of my building the window are to my office, you can see the panel I tried to make and will be replacing soon but I have two 20 watt one 60 watt, what I will have when done is three 60 watts and one 20 watt.  They produce above 12v+ for about 5hrs a day.


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