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Veggie pepperoni pizza

imageimageSo I bought an toaster oven today, figured why not put my self in a bigger financial hole. Anyway so I bought this farberware toaster oven,
It has nice dials, but makes a ticking noise that might drive some people crazy.  It is nice and was on clearance at walmart for like 50 bucks. It will hold up to a 12 inch pizza one each of the two shelves. so it has a lot of space inside.

Anyway to the pizza, I seen these Yves meatless pepperoni at the walmart in the veggie section. Well maybe not a section but the imageshelf that they have some of the vegetarian food on.

I had my doubts but omg are the sooooo good and taste like the real thing. I don’t know what they taste like cooked on a pizza but I bet when I ask people to try these no one will know the difference

So I bought a DiGorno 5 cheese pizza to put my veggie pepperoni on because I wanted stuffed crust. I will not eat pizza-hut anymore, they do not clean there pans so even chesse pizza could have animal grease on it,  so it has been for ever since I had stuffed crust

imageSo there is a picture of what the pizza looked like after 20 minutes. It could have stayed in for a few more if you like crispy crust. I don’t for my stuffed crust pizza. And the toaster oven seemed to cook it nicely in the time the box said. But the veggie pepperoni looks exactly the same as it went in and tastes just as good.

I will be buying more of Yves meatless pepperoni, and i know some say that eating substitutes are just as bad but I don’t follow that thinking. If i can have good pepperoni where no little pigs where harmed in the making best believe I am eating meatless pepperoni. I also eat morningstar bacon. Not as good as real but does the job.



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