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Journal (5.18.13)

So I have been working for almost 7 months

I have my daughter in my life when her mother wants her to be

I have been stable in my house for over 5 years

I have lost 151 pounds

I am on no medications and just using my coping skills to deal with day to day life

To someone looking in from the outside I am doing great. But I feel like I need to better.  I feel like I should be at my weight loss goals, that I should have someone in my life, that I should not need my coping skills.

Do I ask to much of myself? Or am I driven with negative thoughts from people like my daughter mother, who try to play games with me so that she can make me look as bad as her.  Maybe its the people in my life that use the fact that I am a caring guy to their advantage to sick around and use me?

I am often filled with these doughs. I am often wondering about things. I have as of late trying to adopt the KCCO concept but find it hard with the way my brain is wired.

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