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My experience with Anti-Psychotic Medications ~ Journal

Hello readers, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read this!

This is my journey down the road to “normal” I only hope that this Latuda will be the last medication change I need.

Some back story:

     So as always my journey starts at Westmoreland Hospital when, the worst physic doctor, Dr Hai Wei Wang, takes me off Haldol and puts me on Latuda.  Why am I on physic medications you may ask, well the answer to that can be found on the My Mental Issues page. 

     So this story begins with Lauren, my case manger, and myself in my Physic Doc’s office.  I had really prepared to communicate my desire to be placed back on Clozaril.

     Farther back story: I was on Clozaril before I wrecked my car about two-ish years ago.  It work well and I was excited to be on it, however, once I wrecked my car and no longer had transportation to the clinic, I could no longer be on it.  Which was tragic in two ways i lost the medication that worked and the withdraw was terrible. 

     So there I sat with my case manager, a letter form Sarah Benson, the best therapist I have ever had, saying that she agreed with me on Clozaril being the best medication for me.  And my well thought out speech about how I waited like the doctor wanted, tried the Haldol, and even lost the weight to show the doc that I would not gain more weight while being on Clozaril.

     So what happens Dr Wang, does not even look at the letter, nor does she listen to my case manager and takes me off of Haldol and puts me on this Latuda.

Ok now that you are all cough up, I took my first dose of Latuda on March 20th 2012.

I will post that I see & feel daily for about a month maybe longer then my posts will go to every week.  I hope this goes well and works but am not holding my breath.

Over all I seen it as no different the anything else I was on.  But check out my past and today’s logs and make up your own mind.

Update 6.30.2014

I am off all my medications and lieing to my doctor and therapist. If they knew that I was or what I am doing to myself I would be back in the hospital.

Update 3/16/14

I am now off of the Sa[phris and am on Wellbutrin again. I am now on Latuda 160mg, Klonopin 1mg,
Wellbutrin XL 150mg.

Update 2/22/14

I am now on Latuda 160mg, Klonopin 1mg, and Saphris 10mgs.  The Saphris is something newer to the market (2009) I am told by my doctor. And is the latest pill to try to help me because I am refusing injectable meds. I tasted bad and made my tongue numb for some time. I am taking the black cherry flavor.  The package was weird to me at fist but I got the hang of it with the pharmacists help.

Update 2/11/2014

Nothing seems to work, I went from Latuda not really working to Claseril lowering my counts to low to continue or it would have killed me. Which that was a blow to my hoping this was all over. And then back to Geodon which I felt like I was doing and had to be taken off asap to back on Latuda all in the last 30 days.

Click to see past weeks:

update 11/19/2013
It has been a little over a year. I had talked the doctor to let me go back down to 40mg. But since I had an episode he has been stepping me up to 80mg. I have seen no real side effect as of yet expect the drowsiness.

other updates

Update 9/16/2012
Still makes my jaw do this twitchy cracking thing, and still makes me tired after taking it.  Has not approved any symptoms expect for the one that where mentioned before. I am taking 40mg now 20mg in the am and 20mg in the pm.  I had hoped that the sleepiness would have gone away.  I am also taking SAM-e as my antidepressant now. 
Update 6/6/2012
Still on Latuda I am on 20mg in the morning and 40mg at night.  It still makes me sleepy as all heck and only works a little better then the Haldol did.  It took away the bugs crawling on my legs at night and allot of the door knocking thing but the people I see and the voices in my head are still there. You can read more of my day to day at the link below. 



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