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Journal Stuff 10.7.2012

Something I need to save for my therapist.  It is a conversation between me and my “mother”.  And putting it here makes it nice because if I forget to print it out then she can read it online that day. 
Thanks for reading my blog.
Ps if you do read it please not where she says my molestation as a child was not her fault and not to put it on her, now would most parents not feel responsible if that happened to there own child? Or am I wrong on about that? 
Mike G
Original post that started it all:
Don’t believe my 50+ year old roommate acts like a 5 year old. He came to Steelers pizza?/ watch the game in his underwear. How comes to a meal with other people in there underwear???
Photo: Don't believe my 50+ year old roommate acts like a 5  year old. He came to Steelers pizza?/ watch the game in his underwear. How comes to a meal with other people in there underwear???
Photo: Don't believe my 50+ year old roommate acts like a 5  year old. He came to Steelers pizza?/ watch the game in his underwear. How comes to a meal with other people in there underwear???
  • Eleanor Dempsey I really could put up some of the pics of you being a jerk, but I won’t. Remember the time when I went to change the sheets on your bed and found caramel syrup? That was a real mess!!
  • Michael J Granata And i was how old??? I sure was not even an adult yet so apple and oranges
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  • Eleanor Dempsey You were 15 or 16 years old!! You and your girlfriend thought it was funny. No, not apples and oranges.
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  • Michael J Granata 15 yrs old eating in bed vs 50 yrs old come out to eat with other people in a common area not different ans she found it funny because i ate it off her
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  • Michael J Granata For got the? after different
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  • Eleanor Dempsey How many other people were there with you and him?
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  • Michael J Granata More then just yourself and u should be dressed its just common respect for others.
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  • Eleanor Dempsey Your roommate works all week, you take his money to pay bills, and then you complain because he sits in his underwear? At this rate, you are going to lose a roommate and have to make it on your own. If that’s what you want, then say so.
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  • Michael J Granata Um u been listing to his lies to long. He does not pay all the bills he pays for his half. And i was making it on my own before he got kicked out of his mothers house and will make it on my own if he leaves. Oh and if u want the truth about why he gives me most of his pay checks or that his bank made him make me poa or they where going to close out his account. Or how he is in debt to everything because of his addiction just ask. But don’t sit there thinking i need anyone. I haven’t need anyone since before you abandoned me to the state when i was a child.
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  • Eleanor Dempsey I didn’t abandon you to the state. You made some bombs, Poco called the police and filed a report. He also put a complaint in about his shotgun. Get that story straight. I dideverything I could to get you out. What addiction? Why don’t you take care of your own addictions before coming down hard on others. Oh well, this will probably end up causes a bigger problem by answering you. Hey, it’s your life, so live it.
  • Michael J Granata What addiction do i have???
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  • Michael J Granata And why was i living with and being molested by that paco guy?
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  • Eleanor Dempsey Don’t blame Poco on me. He was John’s friend. I didn’t want to stay there. We ran out of money for the motel. You were old enough to tell someone if you were being molested. Don’t put that one on me.
  • Michael J Granata I did not say that was on you i blame him for which is his. But that works both ways. You blame me for what he did and me not knowing better is not my fault either. And still what addictions?
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  • Michael J Granata You said deal with my own addictions and i ask what addictions has he lied to you by saying i have
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  • Eleanor Dempsey you didn’t answer me either. What has John done that you call addictions? I’ve known him for a lot longer than you have, lived with him longer, and know more about him than you do.
  • Eleanor Dempsey As far as you being molested, why don’t you start with Nick, the tow truck driver. Or that volunteer fireman that had you watching porn. Or starting fires so that you wouldn’t bebored. John hasn’t said anything about your addictions to me. I know of them from you. Stop washing all the dishes all the time. Don’t get upset when things aren’t done to your satisfaction. Remember, I gave birth to you and lived with you for close to 16 years. I may not “know” you as an adult but I have read all your posts so I have an idea where your mind is at.
  • Michael J Granata Well how about spending all his money on porn and before i took over his checking bouncing on porn site and right befor the bank made me poa spending a whole paycheck on a prostitution??? Then lieing about it to me. Ask his sister cindy if u dont believe me she even told me that he was. He spends hrs a day watching porn now and spends all his pocket money on it to the point he let his car go down so far he had to borrow 600 off me to fix it all.
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  • Eleanor Dempsey First, Cindy won’t talk to me. Second, he has a right to spend his money any way he wants. Third, he has never fixed a car for inspection before it was due. As to porn or a prostitute, it’s still his money.
  • Michael J Granata Yes i was molested alot as a kid because of who i was around but funny u bring all that up because u let me be around all them people but say “don’t blame me” i think you destroyedyour own augment there. And funny how you defend the guy who beat u up so badly you needed a lifetime pfa against him??? So go ahead and argue that he is right and i have to be wrong.
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  • Michael J Granata The car has not been inspected in three years fyi. His money so buy porn over paying bills is okay in your book
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  • Eleanor Dempsey I didn’t know about the molestation until YOU told me years later. I don’t have a lifetime pfa. He didn’t beat me up. I’m not saying he’s right and your wrong. I think I’d better stop now. This argument isn’t getting us any where. All I’m saying is, it’s his money so he can do what he wants with it. He has always sat around in his underwear. He’s covered.
  • Cera Dempsey mom, mike, can you please both take a chill pill here? just agree to disagree over the matter. 😦
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  • Michael J Granata lol its funny how I am disabled or really screwed up in the head and I understand responsibility and you two don’t and how you make it sound like him that I am wrong for wanting him to pay is bills and take care of his own car. Quite if you want its your choice but its all here for anyone to read and if anyone else sees that I am wrong please say so.
  • Michael J Granata Yes Cera Dempsey we are done because she says she doesn’t want to continue this
  • Eleanor Dempsey You are not wrong for wanting John to pay HIS bills and take care of HIS car. I am also disabled “screwed up in the head”, and have physical limitations also. I manage my own bills and own my own home. You don’t have the corner on that.
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  • Eleanor Dempsey All I’m really saying is that if you don’t like the way John acts, then throw him out.
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  • Cera Dempsey Mike i worry about you and dad a lot, but i don’t say much about it because i know it would only make you and him upset to hear i’m upset. and please remember that i’m disabled too…
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  • Michael J Granata @Eleanor Dempsey you are not the only one who has said that to me. Where would he go, his family will not take him in, he would end up homeless in months because he is not responsible enough to pay his own bills or think 5 mins ahead of time. So me throwing him out is me putting him on the streets and I lived on the streets because on one cared enough to put a roof over my head it sucks and I can’t do that to him regardless if he did it to me,( or anyone I know) even if I despise 95% of everything he has or is doing. One day he may break the last straw but that day is not today.
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