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Health/calories question/worries 3.26.2012

If you have a bad eating day like your intake is only 1237 cal, should you put off working out?

I know that this is way to low and normally when not depressed I eat around 1800 (which is lowest for men) – 2100 calories.

But its its past my lunch and unless I stuff my self i will not get past the 1247 calories today.

And I don’t want to shove bad stuff in my month just to up my calories.

Believe me I thought about ordering a veggie pizza thinking these to thoughts

1) I would not have to cook.

2) It is healthy because its a veggie pizza.

So I said not I am broke and that has to be a stupid idea because I thought it.

So then I thought about them devil temptations pretzel M&Ms. And basically blew them off with the same reasoning as the pizza. 

So I am sticking with my food plan minus the stuff I should have eaten but didn’t because I am not hungry. So I guess hungry or not I am going to have to eat my dinner because I skip that my system is in starvation mode because of the lack of calories and I don’t want that.

Mike g


Update: This will be my end number at the end of the day

|1,395 cal | 203 carbs | 27 fat | 85 protein |

I changed my lunch from salad to veggie wrap 


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