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My time at Circle C & The Mel Blount Youth Home of PA

This is a post that I am working on about my time at Circle C group homes.  I was in two house there, and messed up the opportunities that I may have gotten from them.  I am unsure of the dates I was there, my memory is a little foggy from the drinking, drugs, prescription drugs and Electroshock therapy.

Island Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15212

I do remember something like the house next to the graveyard and the other one was in Bellevue Pa, I worked as cooked in several restaurants in Bellevue, and was not a good cook either.  I got the jobs about lying about my age and skills.

I started cooking, well helping a cook, at another youth placement call The Mel Blount Youth Home of PA, I was lucky enough to be abused by two staff there and had one I really liked. Mr Chuck he is now a PA State Policeman or was last time I seen him.  I know he would be disappointed by the way I went in life.

Mel Blount Youth Home Pa

I can honestly say I do not like Mel Blount and had the opportunity to be beat by him for not doing something right.  That’s when I started to hang out with Mr Norm the cook okay guy but it got me away from Mr Blount.  I also was molested by a female staff member but I can’t remember her name she might have been an intern.  She was a younger and that is why I say that.  It started out with her giving me gifts like tapes and extras etc. then went form there.  I have only come in the recent years to see what was wrong about some of the sexual abuse.

Like I was in what I thought of as a relationship with one of the Male staff at Circle C, I talked to my therapist recently about this and now have changed my mind on this as a relationship to abuse.  Just because I provoked the  sexual activity dose not mean it was not abuse.  The staff member in his role of authority should have not let it happen and since he did it because abuse.

The only other thing I remember right now is the holidays at these places.  How lonely it was because most of the kids got home passes and since I did not have a home to go to I was stuck there.  With a part time staffer that usually didn’t what to be there and showed it making you feel like more of a loser because you were making his or her holiday worse.

Still working on this….

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