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Journal ~ 4.6.2012 8:42am

Well it is Friday morning.

I dislike Fridays because all the outside time I have to face. And all the stuff I have to do, I have

  • Therapy
  • Go to Banks (Commercial / PNC)
  • Go shopping (Aldis/ giant eagle)
  • wait for taxi (@ home, then therapist office, then giant eagle, and then at Aldis)
  • walking outs side of therapist office hopefully get 40min in today.
  • pull my hair out.

Okay the last one is just something I want to do.  And doing all this while dealing with my hallucinations, voice in my head and everything else that you may know of if you read my site often.  But I have to push through it, its like if I stop I die so aI must keep moving forward.  I don;t know what that is or how I got so determent to get to the end of life. 

But I am and I let nothing stop me not even me.  And man do I put up my own road blocks in my own way.

So back to today and all the anxiety that I have just thinking about having to go out side and then be out there exposed for like 6 hours. Makes me want to call in sick to life but I can’t.  You have to face your fears face what makes you uneasy.

I once was scared of heights, so I went sky diving and lost my fear.
That what you have to do with life or you not living. 

And if you not living then why are you hear?

Thanks for reading I just had to rant a little. Mike G


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