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1.1.2012 ~ 3:30pm

New Years seems less important to me as I get order, it use to mean a new year a fresh beginning a fresh
start.  Who comes up with this shit.  Your beginning is when you turn eighteen, when you become an adult,  and like everything then else you only get one.

I do honestly believe in second chances and that if a person is strong enough and giving enough “tools” that they can change.  Which I believe that only one in a million people can really do this.  Most people of today’s world are not mentally strong enough to change what has been programmed into there heads.

See I know I fucked my beginning up and will have to live with those choices I made for the rest of my life, and am striving hard to make the changes I need to, to make the many more years I have one this earth as good as I can.  Am I mentally strong enough to do this only time will tell, I would like to say yes but I don’t know.

I really can understand the appeal of a new beginning, a fresh start, a new slate, but the only thing that changes is the four digits at the end of the date.  You still bring with you every choice you ever made with you.

People think so ass backwards to me. I one day would love to meet someone that thinks the same way.  Anyway I digress that New Years is become just another two days to me.

But this one 2012 seems to have me thinking more to what this year will hold.

Will this year be a good year be a good year for the world or heck just me, or will things continue to go south as they where in 2011.  Because like i said there tied together all the crap in 2011 will come to haunt you if you do stuff that is not right.  A thing to remember in to 2012 is that to make 2013 better you must start now on January 1st 2012.  What is it about Americans and I speak only on the American culture because I know it that makes us so short sided.  No long term outlook, you never hear of people talking about there 20 or 50 year plan its always what there two or maybe five year plan is.

Things that bounce around my head like this all the time, I have plan A, B, C for weeks months and years.  I have to be prepared.  Again back to this year and the whole new years thing.

So what will happen and will I be prepared for it, which is a question that I started asking myself in late 2010 early 2011.  What will happen?

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