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12.31.2011 9:56pm

Well Its December 31st 2011 and I am thinking to the new year hopeing it will be better but thinking it will not be.

I think this year (2011) was mostly wasted inside of the house hiding from my issues and not facing them after  last year (2010) I dealt with so much.  But in 2012 I want to do more then just survive in my house waiting for the end of my world, I would like to live just a little bit.  Am I ready for this enough I do not know, will the world as a whole stay stable enough I do not know.  But will I try, yes I will somehow.  

Dinner break 4pm

Well with the goal of being healthier I just ate my last piece of pizza & Italian hoagie till at least June when the weather is good enough for me to walk many miles to burn off the O so good pizza..

I am writhing my goals down because I plan on updating this every three months as to where I am at with my goals.  And what changes I have made to them as 2012 gets shorter and shorter.

My goals for 2012 are: 

Lose more weight about a 100 pounds would make me happy.
Get a car
Get a closer relationship, even if it it with someone I don’t know yet. 
Get back to work even if part time.
Deal with my December issues so that I can have a good one next year.
Be more power unrepentant ie more batteries and solar panels.  
Get out side more
  • walking at least four days a week by summer
  • Walking everyday during summer
  • Go to more places like friends houses or parks ect


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