:) (> Mike's Struggle <) (:

The Story of Mike, My Fight For Lilly & My Defective Mind. Home Of: MichaleJGranata.com & LillyMakar.com


I have broken rule number 1 so many times why the fuck do i even have it.

Rule #1

Never have anything you can’t just walk away from.


Always look forward. and plan forward. See forward.

What the fuck is wrong with me, what is wrong with my broken mind.  Why am I so broken, who could love some thing so broken.  So you move forward, getting close to nothing.  Loving nothing.  Rule # !

I must beat this back into my head i must get strong again, pain is my only friend.  Lonely is my only mistress. There is no place for me.


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This entry was posted on December 28, 2011 by in Journal.
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