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10/29/2011 3:44pm

     I have a new exercise plan that I have done the last two Saturdays. I walk around Irwin as seen by the blue line 3 times it takes me 50 min. I plan on walking this path for an hour a Saturday for now and hopefully in a few months up that to two days a week.

     Not only is it helping me lose that weight it gets me out the house and make me deal with he real world and my problems being in it.  And I had a lot of trouble today.  Lots of people out because of the hollowness stuff going on. So I was fighting with my mind the whole time.

  • they’re looking at you no they’re not looking at me
  • they’re talking about you plotting on you ~ no they’re not talking about me, 
  • they are following you ~ no they’re not following me, 
  • IDK if that person is real just keep walking and don’t say anything back.
  • no that isn’t the same car that passed a min ago
  • you should stop because your fat and can’t lose the weight anyway ~ no I am going to keep walking for an hour
  • The government people are around the corner ~ Not they are not.
    Ok back to the weight loss stuff now google say its  0.7 mi, 15 mins pre lap so that would be 2.1 miles and 45 min for all three.  So I am only off by about 5 min on my walking speed.
Mike G

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This entry was posted on October 29, 2011 by in Journal.
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