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10/26/2011 9:48am

Morning world, today is going to suck.  Raining all day and I have my therapist, PCP & chiropractor appointment’s too.  It going to be a long hour talking about Saturday with my therapist and telling her about the medication changes that the Metal heath Doctor did.  But I did do some of the daily charts she wants me to do, so there is a plus.  And I get to see my PCP and talk to him about all this weight loss crap and hopefully he is happy about the 13 pounds I lost.  Maybe it will win so good will for when he see the new cuts on my body and he wont start talking about the hospital again.  I had enought thoughts about the hospital in my head this week.

Oh the new bed seems nice and didnt wake up with such a headack as I have been, but I did wake up with one of my voices screaming at me.  I hate when that happens.

I mean really how do the people in my head wake up before me?

Anyway we will see what the day brings and hoepfully it will not be as bad as my thoughts are telling me it is going to be.

Mike G

~ Depression is nourished by a lifetime of ungrieved and unforgiven hurts ~ Penelope Sweet


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