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September 6, 2009 – Sunday

****Posted from another journal I wrote****

Why am I punished for the good I do???
….      Yesterday I was driving up a steep hill by my house.  I was probably the 9th car in a line of 12.  There was this old lady 70 / 80 years old.  And she was stand a little past half way holding a rite aid bag.  And no one even slowed down to ask her if she needed help.  Well I swung around and said if she need a ride.  She did so I drove her to her house and dropped her off and went on my way to the store with my friend Josh.
On the way back my driver side rear tire’s break break hung up, and got so hot.  That is caused my break line to swell up and exploded.  Which burst into flames just as I got under the rear of the car with my fire extinguisher. Which I had to do three time been the break fluid kept dripping onto the hot metal which use to be my break pads.

Now Every time I try to be a good human being this kinda stuff happened.
So my question to the universe is why???
Why is it every time I try to be nice to people I get screwed???

And it also brings up the question in my mind as why don’t all them so called good humans that did not stop and help and old lady get home with out dieing.  What bad thing happened to them.  Oh I can answer that nothing, they went home to there happy lifes as i was putting out my car.

Just had to vent!!!!!!!


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