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October 13, 2008 – Monday

****Posted from another journal I wrote****

I have been thinking a lot about finding a woman to have a relationship with, basically because I am lonely.  I have a few friends and a cat, but that one person that I can trust enough to tell anything.  The one to care about me, as I can care about them.

But how can I bring someone into my world with all the problems, how can I trust someone enough to even clue them into what goes on in my head and life.  I know I don’t have to tell her but she will notice.  And instead of them running away after I get use to them cause they can’t handle my problems, and then I have to start over which sucks.

And this has also brought up things about past relationships, which is not fun.  I have not ever had a good relationship.  And I believe that it is my doing, I think I have chosen the wrong women to go out. Just ask my friends!  They will say that, that this is a true statement.


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